работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

с какими агенствами НЕ СВЯЗЫВАТЬСЯ

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работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение runner » 02 июл 2013, 18:29

кто что знает про K-Line Shipping Company UK :?:

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 22 июл 2013, 20:53

Привет. У меня тоже этот же вапрос.Нашёл в нете работу но незнаю что делать,может это развод.Если появится какаято ифа напиши пожалуйста.

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 23 июл 2013, 21:48

пардон за то что без приглашения. По поводу K-Line Shipping Company UK. Нарисовался у меня на мыле один типок по имени Gary Murray он якобы их сотрудник так красиво все пишет и про зарплату выше крыши и контракты по 2 менсяца, но в процессе переписки насторожило такое писмецо вставляю оригинал
It is good to know that you have filled up the visa application Form you got from the immigration office and you have also sent it to them together with a scan of your passport.Take note that you are to pay for the processing of your traveling Documents 700GBP and upon your arrival here in UK your expenses will be reimbursed back to you.I have read the content of the email you got from the immigration office you are to make payment to them Via Western union Money Transfer or MoneyGram Money Transfer to their account officer inFormation below it is very easy and fast.Contact the nearest Western union or Money Gram Money Transfer. и фамилия получателя
Народ может я не понимаю что, нахрен пересылать 700 фунтов кудато в неизвестность если по логике тебе визу открывают и получаеш ты ее в посольстве или консульстве и на месте оплачиваеш при плучении. И как такая компания как K-Line Shipping Company UK не в состоянии заплатить за подготовку всех твоих документов? Что то сильно мутно както. Если кто сталкивался с подобной ситуацией поделитесь.
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работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение runner » 24 июл 2013, 05:23

Да всё понятно,разводка это,я у англичан работал-деньги даже за такси возвращают,а тут 700 фунтов просят выслать,ху...я это!!
Что интересно:в процессе переписки не поинтересовались документами,даже фото не попросили выслать,а это мягко говоря настораживает!!! :twisted:

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 24 июл 2013, 07:35

я о том же мне етот клоун звонил несколько раз но номера не определялись скорее всего через скайп долго мы с ним беседовали но никакой конкретики я от него не добился
после того когда я написал ему что приветствую только официальное оформление всех документов и т.д. поятное дело он исчез с горизонта. 100% развод

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 09 авг 2013, 17:45

Привет. Я тоже получил похожее предложение, от Капитана Trygve Nilsen. Долго переписывались, необычно заманчивые условия контракта. Также не запрашивал копии документов. Затем напрвил меня по этому адресу:
E-Mail: immigrationvisadepartment@london.com
Contact Person: Mr. Alfred Turner

Ответ пришел быстро. Ниже текст:
The Management of the British Embassy in the United Kingdom wishes to thank for contacting us for the procurement of your traveling Documents which includes your Valid United Kingdom Visa , Tax-clearance, Resident Permit, Work Permit, Medical Insurance, Flight Ticket and all other requirement for your travel to the United-Kingdom. This Document are very important for foreigner wishing to work in United Kingdom, because without those Documents, you will not be allowed to live and work in UK. This is in accordance with the governmental law of the British Embassy in United Kingdom.

We have an impressive reputation for assisting skilled individuals, families ,Job Seekers and business people to emigrate from the any part of the world. We provide in-depth personal guidance to help you in procuring your traveling Document. We give special attention to your application. Our regular follow ups result in positive and quick response. If you are an overseas national who is not settled in the UK and you intend to work in the UK, you must have a work permit. We offer so many types of Visa (Fiancee/Fiance), Tourist, Relative, Spouse, K-3, Children, Student, Employment ) We have literally 1000's of clients who have used us to obtain Visas from the following countries:The Philippine Islands, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Romania, Ukraine, China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and The World. We have many ways to expedite most Visas. No other Visa Service can offer you this type of extensive specialized services.

Applicants who are of the same sex, have a communicable disease, or have a dangerous physical or mental disorder; are or have been drug addicts; have committed minor and/or serious criminal acts, including crimes involving moral turpitude, drug trafficking, and prostitution (working in a Go-Go bar, beer bar, or massage service); or are likely to become a public charge; Individuals who fall into these categories by current law must be refused a visa. We can address these problems in advance and thereby allowing you to get the visa and also the fee is not costly compare to other country. We assure you that if you follow our instruction carefully..within 4-5 days from the day we begin the process of your traveling Document...you will find yourself in United Kingdom. The success of your visa application solely depends on your personal circumstances, if you are really seeking to work and live in United Kingdom. So therefore you are require to fill the VISA APPLICATION Form attached to this mail and submit back to us via email. The governmental official fee for full procurement of all your traveling Documents to United Kingdom is 700.00 GBP.
All Documents will be processed and arranged here in our Office after and forwarded to your home address. Since you are applying for 1-2 years visa, the total cost of 700.00GBP is needed for the processing of your traveling Document.The Document will be deliver to you via UPS Service courier delivery (Express Delivery) 24hrs, after successful conclusion of all traveling Document.

Mode of Payment to our office :
Money Gram has been chosen as the mode of payment, because it fast and convenient way of confirming payment quick. In order to speed up the process, go to the nearest Money Gram outlet and make payment to our account officer inFormation below:

****************************** ****************************** **************
Accountant Name (Receiver Name) : George Hanson
Office Address (Address of Receiver) : 100 New Kings Road ,Chelsea, London, SW6 4LX ,United Kingdom.

Я полагаю, что это тоже развод. Отправлю копию переписки своему куратору из РПСМ. Когда получу ответ отпишусь. Если у кого есть мысли по этому поводу - поделитесь

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 25 сен 2013, 10:09

Dear Applicant,

We appreciate your interest in working with us and we have open an application File with reference number(KLS/5600/12). We have gone through your CV and We found that you will be able to handle the Post of a Fourth Engineer with salary amount of 3,500 GB Pounds per month.

"K" Line (Europe) Ltd is the European subsidiary of global Japanese shipping and logistics company, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd, known as "K" Line. Head quartered in London, UK, "K" Line (Europe) Ltd is responsible for all "K" Line's business activities in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.
With a network of owned offices and well-established agents across the region, "K" Line (Europe) Ltd is committed to providing safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly shipping services for all types of cargo.


Accommodation, feeding and flight ticket will be taken care of by the
company all employees are responsible for there travel Documents.

Contract Period: 1-2 years contract and it can be extended if only you
wish to remain with our company On board and Vacation Schedule:
6 weeks on board and 8 weeks Vacation Interval for you to visit
your loved ones and family back home

If you are satisfied with the salary and benefits we are offering you
then please fill the job interview questionnaire so we will proceed in
sending you a letter of employment which you will be required to fill
and send back to us for immediate processing of your employment to
join our team of K-Line Shipping Company.

We hope you are not attached to any company presently so that you will
focus on your job application as we are highly in need of you to
arrive here soon, if not kindly let us know now before you sign any
contract agreement with us.If yes we suggest that you start writing
your resignation now to whom ever you are working for, so that you can
pay more attention to your newly job ,if only you are really serious
about this job offer.

See below details of our vessels you will be placed to work in and the details are also ATTACHED:






Kindly study the attachment very well then make a choice on the vessel you
wish to work on if you do not wish to work with any of the vessel then we
will fix you in another vessel because we have 24 fleets and you can fit
in any of them.

I have also attached a job interview questionnaire for you to fill and submit
back to us this is to enable us know why you wish to work with us and also
to help in processing your employment.

Best regards,

Capt. Trygve Nilsen

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 27 сен 2013, 10:32

Мне этот дядя тоже писал и звонил))). В итоге сказал, что мне нужна Британская виза и что я в конце следующей недели должен быть у них в офисе. Я позвонил в посольство. Там мне сказали, что минимум 6 недель и то, если пойдут на встречу для ускорения. Сообщил этому штемпу. Он дал понять что мне не нужно этого делать, а связаться с ихним человеко, который делает все это за 800 фунтов, пересланных ему через вестерн юнион. По ходу какой то ферзь))). Я ответил, что денег нет и не будет, и если они заинтересованны, то пусть оплачивают и снимают с моей первой зарплаты. После этого ни звонков, ни писем. Наверно нашли лучше кандидата на 5000 фунтов))))

работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение Гость » 28 сен 2013, 06:32

Все тут та-а-акие умные...
А вы в сам K-Line обращаться не пробовали? :D Они быстро отвечают ху-из-ху. На морских форумах уже давно рассказывают об нигерийских инет-аферистах.
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работа в K-Line Shipping Company UK

Сообщение doublefranklin » 21 окт 2013, 08:28

))) и номерочек всем дают один и тот же !..))...настолько обнаглели, что не считают нужным хотя бы пару цифирек исправить...
...заливают всем под копирку

Attn: Applicant,

We have received your filled employment letter. Attached to this e-mail is an appointment letter, you are to carefully go through this appointment letter and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions contained therein because your signing it translates to your acceptance of the terms and condition contained therein and they will be binding on you throughout your contract stay with us. You are to sign the appointment by printing out the appointment Document, then Write your signature and date at the appropriate spaces provided and send back to us via e-mail for record purpose. Your employment number is KLS/5600/12.

After receiving the signed appointment letter, we shall proceed with the preparation of your traveling Documents.

Congratulations on your success.

Best regards,

Capt. Trygve Nilsen
Recruitment officer