Refrigerator Engineer Looking For JOB

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Refrigerator Engineer Looking For JOB

Сообщение VALENTYN-590322 » 07 авг 2017, 09:02

I am looking for a job in the rank of AC/Refrigerator Engineer of the 1st level without restrictions for job - Air-Conditioning Еngineer/Watch.Third ENGINEER.--- on Reefer Cargo Ship, Passenger Ship (Cruise Liner) and Fishing Trawler vessels Experience on Refrigerator Trawler vessels from 1998 year and Reefer Cargo Ship from 2006 year. Experience with carried bananas, citrus, fruits, USDA cargoes, frozen goods fish, meat. Experience with direct evaporate freon systems and brine systems, screw and piston compressors. - Maintenance of refrigerator plant and cooling system equipment from negative temperature minus -25*C and positive temperature +15*C.
Satisfactory English.
I am ready to work on any type of vessel`s from 15.08.2017! I need any work!
Very adaptable for new position/project READINESS 100% All sertificates are valid.
I can be available to join the vesselat any time.
Hope to hear from you soon. --OPEN POSITIONS
Thank you for your cooperation. B.R.G.D.S..
best regards---VALENTYN

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