Deck cadet/ Ordinary seaman. Offer for employers.

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Deck cadet/ Ordinary seaman. Offer for employers.

Сообщение AntonKarlagin » 24 июн 2017, 13:59

Good day!
I'm a last year student so I'm supposed to graduate from a maritime college with a Navigator's certificate of competency (COC) this year. Due to the lack of experience in amount of 6 months I can't get the mentioned COC so I look for the company to begin my career with. I have all the necessary docs and certificates for the positions mentioned in the heading and the total amount of my experience at sea is 6 months as a deck cadet on tanker's board.
Also I have the ordinary seaman's COC ( II/4) and I wouldn't mind applying for a job as an ordinary seaman.
Feel free to contact me in case you've got any quesstions concerning my candidature.
Can't help asking you to give me a chance so I can prove I'm a highly professional person in the nautical field and I'll do whatever it takes not to dissapoint you.
Kind regards,
Mr. Anton Karlagin
+7 978 402 0001

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