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Dear prospective employer,

I am offshore chief officer, 48 years old, working in offshore since 1990 till present time. In position as a chief officer since 1997. During my seagoing offshore experience in mixed crews I have done twenty contracts in position as a chief officer and two contracts as a second mate on AHTS, Supply, PSV, MPSV, Maintenance / Support Vessel and AHT. I was servicing GOSP (Gas & Oil Separated PlatForms), jack-up drilling rigs, jack-up barges, wellhead jackets, drilling semisubmersible, tankers. Carried out towing, anchor handling and tanker- lifting operations. There is ARAMCO approval; experience with FPP and CPP of ASD. Holder of DP Advance (simulation) course and CoC of deep sea captain (Master on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more).
I give captain's position the preference over chief mate.
DP vessel with permanent contract is more preferable. Salary is negotiable.
Duration of contract not more than two months.
It is best to reach me by cell phone: +7 (978) 704 - 16 - 91.
e-mail: <> / Skype: freebooter18

Faithfully yours,

Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk